Friday, February 26, 2016

Clinton Many More Rich Supporters Than All Other Candidates Combined

With over 26,600 supporters giving at or above the federal individual contribution maximum of $2,700, Hillary Clinton far exceeds the number of contributions by wealthy donors than any other candidate (Table 1: Huge). No only that but the number of huge contributions for Hillary Clinton exceeded the number by her chief rival Bernie Sanders by a factor of 60 to 1.

Table 1: This table shows the number of campaign contributions by size of the contribution.
Candidate Itemized TotalHuge ($2700+) Large ($1000-2699) Med ($200-1000) Small ($1-200) Unitimized ($1-200)*
Clinton 106,285,874.12 120,495,96423,620 15,307 33,906 152,640 568,404
Sanders 26,509,365.75 93,883,341394 3,442 29,374 319,374 2,694,959
Carson 23,995,461.23 57,001,5771,137 4,722 24,411 159,917 1,320,245
Cruz 34,821,534.81 54,070,6454,078 4,738 23,909 181,351 769,964
Kasich 7,459,832.14 8,401,5051,837 1,327 1,977 1,524 37,667
Rubio 26,915,622.40 32,371,1755,699 6,183 11,193 36,019 218,222
Trump 1,773,225.61 7,407,238194 289 2,432 2,634 225,360
Unitimized support is assumed given at $25 per contribution.

Yet, Clinton is not only getting more support among wealthy people than her Democratic Socialist rival. Clinton also has 77% more support among wealthy people than all other candidates combined.

In complete contrast, challenger Bernie Sanders has far more support among small contributors with nearly 5x as many small contributions (less than $200 in total) as Hillary Clinton.

Among Republicans the candidate which comes closest to the grassroots support that Sanders has is Ben Carson who has less than half the number of unitimized donations as Sanders.
Figure 1: A collection of histograms showing number of contributions grouped by size of contribution.
Figure 1, shows this information is yet another way.

The easiest and clearest way of reading this information is that Hillary is backed by big money and Sanders by small.

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