Francis Smart

Michigan State University
PhD Student: Measurement and Quantitative Methods
Professional Profiles: Google Scholar Page - Economics of Education Fellow

NOTE: It seems that blogger is pretty great at messing up my posts in unexpected ways.  In order to avoid frustration, I have begun attaching links to my original code hosted on a Google site.

Dear visitor,

I hope you find this site useful.  The goals of this blog are: 

1. Use the accumulated knowledge and skills to provide tools by which other researchers can improve their ability to work and produce.  However I cannot directly observe how well the things I post can be used, are instructional, and when my posts are simply frustrating.  Therefore any and all feedback would be most appreciated.

2. The second goal of this blog is to provide a motivational mechanism by which I find a way of teaching myself technical material.  I find it extremely difficult to simply sit down and read technical documents without being able to "play" with the material they are presenting.  I suspect that I am not alone in this.  Thus each day I put a post out there I am slightly or largely augmenting my metaphorical toolbox.  I hope that if you decide to follow my posts that they do the same for you.  That you find yourself more and more comfortable modifying simulations and code in order to produce observable tests of how well your techniques are performing under ideal circumstances and under less than ideal circumstances. 

Thank you for stumbling upon my site and thank you for reading this post.  I apologize for spelling mistakes in the past and in future.  I do my best but I do not have the time to proofread all of my posts as thoroughly as I would like as I have many other responsibilities outside of this blog.

Also, if there are any topics or methods of interest to you which you would like a simulation for, I am very amenable to suggestions.  Please post them as a comment at the bottom of this page or email me.

Francis Smart

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  1. Your blog has a lot of useful examples and codes. Thank you for sharing it. I wish I would have the same level of knowledge.

  2. hi, your blog is very useful. thank you very much
    I have a problem. i want to estimate Polynomial Inverse Lag (PIL) model with STAT, but i don't know.
    please help me to estimate this model.
    thank you

    1. Sounds interesting. Don't really know anything about the model though. Sorry.

  3. Nice looking dog! Is it a flat-coated retriever?

    1. He is a rescue, so don't really know. Bit of chow-lab mix we figure.

  4. Great blog! I don't even see any ads, do you monetize at all?

    1. Nope. Don't see the point of annoying people for a few cents here and there.