Maximum Likelihood (write your own commands)
  Moving Averages & Data Cleaning

Data Imputation

Unobserved Effect Models
Instrumental Variables
  Many Forms of Instrumental Variables
  The Weak Instrument Problem
  Testing the Rank Condition of IV Estimators
  2SQreg IVqreg Cfqreg - zombies

Censored Regression
  Dependent variable is bottom coded
  Asymmetric Error with Right and Left Sensoring
  Tobit Normality Assumption Fail - Tobit Still Works
  Cragg's Double hurdle model used to explain censoring

Quantile Regression
  Program your own quantile regression v1 - Maximum Likelihood
  Quantile Regression Fail
  Oh wait! Quantile regression wins!
  2SQreg IVqreg Cfqreg - zombies
  Quantile Regression (qreg) is invariant to non-decreasing transformations

Random Coefficients
  Estimating Random Coefficients on X (using xtmixed)
  Estimating Random Coefficients on X (using NormalReg -preferred)

Binary Response Models

My Own Tools (No Theory Backing Them)
  Breaking down R2 by variable
  Sticky Probit - clustered bootstrapped standard errors
  Non-Parametric PDF Fit Test
  Test of PDF Fit - Does not work

Power Analysis
  Power Analysis with Non-Linear Least Squares: A Simulation Approach

Miscellaneous Topics

Special Topics
  Value-added modelling iPad example


  1. Hi, I have a question. I want to see the biasedness of beta when I omit an intercept in regression.How do I make the simulation model? If you know that, plz let me know how to make this.

  2. Thanks for this updates but spatial econometrics methods is missing in the set. That is exactly where my research study based. Kindly help!