Thursday, July 17, 2014

RStudio Webinar with Hadley Wickham: The Grammar and Graphics of Data Science

RStudio has recently announced a series of free webinars open to the public. The first of these
seminars is given by Hadley Wickham, Rice University Professor, RStudio Chief Scientist, and general super-star of the R development world. Contributing author of the popular R packages ggplot2, plyr, testhat, reshape, and several of the other most innovative and widely used R packages currently available.

The first seminar is entitled The Grammar and Graphics of Data Science and I would imagine it involving much information with regards to ggplot2 as well as many other essential graphical tools in the R environment.

Upcoming seminars include one focused on "Reproducible Reporting" for which I believe will lead to a revolution in the Social Sciences in the next decade in terms of a tremendous increase in the quality and quantity of scientific work.

The third upcoming seminar is entitled "Interactive Reporting" and is focused on the development of tools to create dynamic reporting, in particular the popular package and server environment named "shiny".

To find a link to the registration site for these webinars go to:

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