Monday, June 17, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Test - R-Powered (using Concerto)

This test is the first attempt to seriously assess the ability of individuals to survive a zombie apocalypse.  This test is administered using the R powered open-source testing platform Concerto  developed at the University of Cambridge.

The test administers a number of questions which are expertly chosen in order to evaluate the likelihood of an individual surviving a zombie apocalypse.  The R code which powers the test be found on can be found on github.  The test makes extensive use of the RConcerto supplementary package that I am working.

The purpose of the package is to facilitate test creation using Concerto.  Many of the functions either create wrappers for concerto functions or build html objects such as the function mk.facebook(link) which takes a link and turns it into a facebook share button.

In order to implement the test, I run the code straight from a permalink created by dropbox which I demonstrate the use of in a previous post in the function dropbox.eval() which is also contained within the RConcerto package.

Please try out this test at:

Zombie Survival Test


  1. Sorry about the abundant typos in the original post. I was in a bit of a rush.

  2. Just as a matter of interest - what does this have to do with Econometrics?

    1. It does not have a whole lot directly to do with econometrics, however I plan on analyzing the data produced by it and posting it later :) While not exactly econometrics, pyschometrics is closely related and the method of analyzing data produced from such examinations.

      However, there is an important (at least to me) hypothesis that I am attempting to test with this exam which will inform future work.

      Ultimately however, it does not have much to do with econometrics.