Saturday, November 17, 2012

Posted Code not Working

Dear Readers,

I have recently tried running some of my own code directly from blogger and found that sometimes the code does not run properly

I am very sorry for that and am grateful so many people still find this blog useful.  It seems that I should have been more careful about making sure blogger was properly representing my code.  I suspect the format of my blog will change soon in order to reduce posting errors.

I have looked into what solutions other blogs have.  Generally it seems that the authors need to separate out code on other blogs with boxes generated through html tags making the resulting documents some combination of code and commentary.  This kind of layout is not what I want.  I want my blog to look like my code.  Thus I want to be able to take my code directly and paste it into Blogger.  However, that does not seem like it is going to work unfortunately.

Any suggesting on how to do this best would be greatly appreciated.


I think I have figured out a solution.  I will post the code directly to blogger.  But I will also upload it as a file that can be downloaded and provide the link.  If the code does not work directly, the downloaded code should at least work.


  1. Two points for style. I always liked that your entire posts consisted of pure code with a few /* comments */ at best.